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I've been involved with furniture making since 1996 when I completed a benchwork joinery course in my hometown of Duncan, BC., Canada.

I opened a custom furniture making shop in 1998 and ran it for 10 years, making anything and everything out of wood. For a few years I also built and installed kitchens and bathrooms, until 2008, which was when the recession came to Canada and very few people were in the mood to order custom cabinets or furniture.

I was fortunate in 2011 to get hired by a local custom furniture shop that is the leader of live edge furniture. I also wanted to get involved with wood carving, so in 2014 I began my carving business creating wood art, nature related wood carvings. I decided to create carved coffee table that are inspired by nature in 2020, and am truly enjoying it. I have had them in galleries on Vancouver Island and am now selling and shipping them throughout Canada and The US.

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